So it begins

So it begins

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I’ve had the Mustang for a few weeks and am very happy with it. I’ve confirmed that it has an MBRP XP Series Cat-Back Exhaust which includes an H-pipe that replaces the factory resonator. The system is 3 inch with 4.5 inch tips.  The car sounds great, it is throaty at idle but under hard acceleration it howls.  It does not drone at highway speeds and I don’t think my neighbors totally hate me.

The car also Accelatec lowering springs. This includes a progressive front spring rate of 182-217 lbs/in and linear rear spring rate of 799 lbs/in. The spring kit lowers a stock GT Fastback Mustang 1.5″ in the front and 1.0″  in the rear. The car is noticeably lowered but it hasn’t been an issue driving around town. The only other add-on on my car is the GT350 Track Pack rear spoiler.

So I started reading up what to do next for the Mustang. One thing I found was that cold air intakes generally require a re-tune of the ECM to make them worth while. Some manufactures advertise CAI kits that don’t require a tune, but the vast majority indicate that a tune is required. I started researching tunes and came across Ford Performance’s own offering. They sell three Power Packs that all include the Ford Performance ProCal 3 tool which allows you to download and install the tune.

M-9603-M8 – Power Pack 1

  • Includes high flow K&N air filter
  • 13 horsepower and 16 lb-ft peak gains over stock
  • 40 lb-ft gain at 1500rpm

M-9603-M8A – Power Pack 2

  • Includes GT350 cold air intake with 87mm throttle body and exclusive intake adapter
  • 21 horsepower and 24 lb-ft peak gains over stock
  • 40 Lbs/Ft gain at 1500rpm

M-9452-M8 – Power Pack 3

  • Includes GT350 cold air intake with 87mm throttle body and GT350 intake manifold
  • 37 horsepower and 5 lb-ft peak gains over stock
  • 60 horsepower gain at 7500rpm
  • Industry’s only 50-state legal calibration with performance intake manifold

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    Goodies from Ford Performance

The other thing that appealed to me about the Ford Power Packs is that they DO NOT void the factory warranty.  I decided to go with the Power Pack 2 which includes the GT350 Intake and throttle body. The Power Pack 3 is significantly more money and the gains associated with the GT350 intake manifold are so high in the RPM range I didn’t think it was worth it at this point in time.  I also ordered an oil separator (catch can) from Ford Performance and the blue coil covers from the Boss 302 and radiator cover that came on the 2016 Cobra Jet.

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Stock throttle body (top) compared to the GT350 throttle body (bottom).

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Ford Performance Oil Separator

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PC hooked up the car using Ford’s ProCal 3 tool


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