Quarantine Life Part 3 – Fox Body Revival

Quarantine Life Part 3 – Fox Body Revival

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My 1991 Mustang Convertible has been stuck in my shop for over a year. I originally sidelined the car due to a faulty fourth gear band in the AOD transmission. I found a rebuilt AOD locally and thought it would be an simple swap to remedy the issue. Bus as disassembly proceeded the project grew and grew and bolts snapped and issue were found.

For example, when dropping the transmission the two bell-housing bolts located that the top of the unit were really only accessible by removing the upper intake manifold, and once I had the upper intake off I notice an oil leak coming from the lower intake, so while removing the lower intake to replace the gaskets I snapped the corner intake bolts that rusted themselves into the cylinder heads….so on and so forth.

The project sat in my garage for a while waiting for an extended period of free time to get the top end reassembled. With the cancellation of just about everything my weekends freed up and I was able the commit the couple of days need to get the Mustang back together. So last Saturday the 91 Mustang moved under its own power for the first time in a while.

Old transmission removed
Prepping the new transmission
Starting to weave my tangled web
Then came time to fire it up and test it out.


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