Ferrari F14 T Revealed

Ferrari F14 T Revealed

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There’s a ton of excitement swirling around the upcoming F1 season. The main reason is this season will require each team to debut an all new car to comply with the heavily revised 2014 regulations….including turbo V6 power plants and new aero regulations.  It already appears that the 2014 car designs (click here to see them) will vary dramatically and that success hinges on which engineering team was able to balance practicality and creativity while taking on the new rule book. Basically, this season epitomizes everything NASCAR is not (see previous rant here).

Ferrari have officially unveiled the F14 T, the car the Italian team hope will bring them championship glory this year in the hands of new driver pairing, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. In line with the heavily revised 2014 regulations, the Scuderia’s new challenger is powered by a 1.6 liter, turbo V6 power engine and features a new-look nose, quite different to that seen on other 2014 cars so far.

For the past two decades I’ve been amazed as historically angular F1 designs transitioned into sleek and curvy sculptures that seemed to be zoomorphic at times. I guess the 2014 F14 T design continues to amaze me for the same reason…..but not in a good way. I can’t be the only person who thinks the new F14 T looks like an aardvark.

But it doesn’t end with Ferrari. The McLaren MP4-29 and Williams FW 36 appear to be styled after the speedy anteater:

Can’t wait to see the other designs and how the season plays out.


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