Night of the Comet

Night of the Comet

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Previously on this blog I explained how I backed into my Mercury Cougar from my ownership of my Ford Mustang. I also explained how I love old Ford Falcons (especially the round body models)… if I remember my least favorite portion of the SATs (which was analogies)….Ford Mustang is to Mercury Cougar as Ford Falcon is to….Mercury Comet! Enough with the nonsense…….I just bought a ’62 Mercury Comet.  

Unfortunately, there is no need to get excited. Its crappy, rusty, a 4 door, and a 6 cylinder. It was destined for the junk yard and I felt that I couldn’t let it go to the crusher without at least trying to salvage the car or at least some of its parts. So now it sits in the garage. I’m going to clean it up a tad bit, adjust the points and clean the carb so it runs.  I will vacuum out the filth the mice and God knows what have left in it and take some pics and list it for sale……if I don’t get any takers, I will part it out and sell whatever I can and hopefully help out some other Comet owners out there. So if you’re interested in a clapped out ’62 Comet let me know.  It would make a sweet rat rod cruiser (can’t fake the patina).  If you were really badass you’d slap some Gulf Racing colors on it and go LeMons racing.
So if you need some inspiration…
Pics coming soon


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