Something about old Ford trucks – Part II

Something about old Ford trucks – Part II

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My posts have definitely been slowing down. Basically, I’ve really just been posting about past exploits with hopes to make it through the winter so that I can start a more ‘real time’ blog in the spring.  The problem is that it won’t stop freakin’ snowing here in Connecticut. Temperatures are still hovering around freezing and last year at this time spring had sprung and we were in the 70’s.

So for now, here’s another story about something dumb I did. Just a couple years back I came across a beat up old 64 Ford F-100 locally.  The truck was a mess, but relatively complete.  As I already can i buy Lurasidone over the counter, I have s weak spot for old Ford trucks.  So I made the deal. Rented a trailer and took the family SUV to drag the project home….did I mention I forget to tell my wife? Ultimately, to make a long story short, she went nuts when I brought it home.  I think a part of the reaction what based on the fact that the truck was heinous.   Anyways, I spent some time going down the ‘rat rod’ theme with the project just using rattle cans and junk already in my garage.  I think it started to shape up but then I received an offer on it and sold it……a very happy day for my wife. So here it is….

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Engine Before

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Engine After

I’m sure there is a Something about old Ford trucks – Part III coming some day.

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