I’ve been doing a horrible job

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I admit it. I haven’t been keeping up with the blog lately, but it isn’t because I’ve been out attending events and working on projects and just not documenting it…..I’ve just been too busy with other things (work, family, soccer, international adoption, etc).  I’ve been calling this the most anticipated Spring ever due to the harsh winter we had….and it is finally ‘car’ season in New England.

I missed the New York Auto Show (and the new Ford GT) which bummed me out. I missed the first Caffeine and Carburetors of the season. I also missed the first couple of local car shows.  My brother and I we slated to go the the big spring swap meet last Sunday but he bought a Ford Raptor a few days earlier so we didn’t really see the point in going and tempting fate with his severely depleted bank account.

But things are about to change! Starting tomorrow with the SCCA’s Track Night in America. This Sunday is Caffeine and Carburetors at Waveny park.  My involvement with the New England Auto Museum is in full swing including the planning of our first event Father’s Day weekend. Add to this the Cougar, the little Ducati project, and pile of off-road parts for my Land Rover I have sitting in my shop this Spring/Summer should bring some interesting times.

Did I mention my brother bought a Raptor!  More on that thing to come as well. All you need to know is when he brought it to my house to let me drive it the first thing I said is “Where can we go and jump things with it?”



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