Luck would have it

Luck would have it

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I recently posted about my thrilling experience finally getting to drive at Lime Rock Park courtesy of the SCCA’s TrackPass event. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to photograph more of the event, and specifically that I wasn’t able to coordinate with someone to photograph me while running (vanity I guess).  Anyway, while scanning some of the Facebook posts related to the event I found a photographer that happened to be at Lime Rock that weekend to photograph the Pirelli World Challenge. He also managed to capture a few shots from one of the TrackPass sessions. Once he posted the pics he took I was thrilled to see that he wasted a couple frames on me (considering the much more photogenic cars sharing the track with me).

So courtesy of John at J.D.S. Photography here are a couple pics of yours truly.


Ford GT behind me coming out of the Righthander headed to No Name Straight


GTR behind me

Same spot but with a GTR behind me


Here is the link to JDS Photography’s album on Facebook to see the other shots he took of the event.


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