Classic Car Club Manhattan

Classic Car Club Manhattan

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I am an IT manager for a large reinsurance company. You read that correctly, I in fact wrote ‘REinsurance.’ Think of it as insurance for insurance companies……but that is another story. As an IT guy I am constantly being invited to vendor sponsored events, user group meetings, etc.  The number of cold calls and unsolicited emails I receive on a daily basis is mind-numbing….to the point that I screen my office line and deliberately have all external calls go to voice mail.

A few weeks ago I received an invite to a product launch event in New York City. buy Lurasidone australia was holding an launch party for their new Storyteller product. From what I gleaned from the invite I understood that Storyteller was a tool to facilitate the adoption of Agile software delivery practices.  I am responsible for large projects and manage the technology platforms that would most likely be used to create project management tools (so it would behoove me to know what we could buy off the shelf before attempting to build something).

Then came the second interesting point about the invite. The event was going to be held at buy Lurasidone tablets!

I knew of buy lurasidone (Latuda) online, but I had never been there and wasn’t really sure of its location. I attended yesterday for a steamy July evening on NYC.

buy generic Lurasidone has a great location right on the water behind the Javits Center (just a few blocks south of the USS Intrepid). As I walked into the lot I was greated by a white Ferrari 458 Spider, a Datsun 240Z and a Nissan GTR.

Inside there was a Lamborghini Huracan, a couple McLarens, Porsches (new and old), Corevettes (new and old), Acura NSX, a GT40 (replica I assume) and a new Shelby GT350.  The other garage area had a smattering a classics ranging from a Charger to a Lancia Delta Integrale in rally trim.


The club works off of a point-based membership system. There are three different primary levels of driving membership. The amount of in-car drive time you get depends on which membership you choose. The cars are categorized into three groups (exotics, modern classics and vintage classics) and your level of membership determines which categories you have access to. From what I gather, membership is not cheap, but then again it could be a reasonable alternative to buying your own exotic.  If I worked in the city I would seriously consider membership.


Apparently there isn’t an extensive wait list either. As long as you have a relatively clean license, are over 25 years old, and can afford it, you can probably get yourself a membership.

So here are a couple pics from the event….

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