New Project(s) for Nick

New Project(s) for Nick

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While I was in Haiti I received a message from my brother about a two door 1999 Suabru Impreza 2.5RS for sale locally on Facebook. He has always wanted to get a another ‘meaneye’ Subaru and build a proper 22B widebody replica with a WRX or STI drive train swapped into the older GC body style.

The car was extremely rough and rusty, but it was just a few hundred dollars, drove, and was a two door which are seemingly getting harder and harder to find.

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Shortly after getting the Subaru he sold the 1971 Monte Carlo project we had sitting the shop to make room for the long term build. But in an interesting twist he ended up also buying a fox body Mustang convertible he came across for a quick flip.

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The foxbody really just needed the clear coat on the deck lid repaired and a few other odds and ends before it was ready to resell.

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