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First New Car | Shiny Fast and Loud
First New Car

First New Car

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I graduated from college in May of 2000. Once class was over we were given a few ‘reading days’ to get ready for finals and then a few more days off prior to graduation.  Most of my friends were making plans for the few days off. I opted out and bolted home after my last class and went car shopping!  With only a job offer in my hand (I was to start work at the end of May) I went from Ford dealer to Ford dealer looking for the new Mustang.  It was only the second year of the new Mustang and they were still rather rare in Connecticut. I had my heart set on a Bright Atlantic Blue Mustang GT (to go along with my ’69) with a charcoal gray leather interior but as I went from dealer to dealer I realized that the pickings were very slim.  I eventually spoke to one salesmen who said he could locate the car I wanted if I gave him a deposit (even though no other dealership offered that commitment). So I made my deposit and waited for the call to go get my blue Mustang.  
The very next day (Sunday) I was up early and on my way to church I decided to swing by the Ford dealership in town.  To my amazement there was an eye catching yellow Mustang GT out front. What confused me is that there was no yellow offered in the 2000 model year.  The Chrome Yellow from 1999 was discontinued (and would have been the color I chose instead of the blue if it existed in 2000).  Upon inspecting the window sticker I learned that the car was a special Spring Feature Edition. The color was called Zinc Yellow (a little mellower than the color from the previous year) and it had hood stripes, machined wheels, and a hood and side scoops. I went back 3 or 4 times to go look at that car that Sunday and then hatched my plan.  I was at the dealership when they opened on Monday morning and the salesman had a sale waiting for him.  I never even test drove it.
The kicker is I was able to buy the car without a pay stub. I simply showed him my offer letter from my soon to be employer!  And actually, I didn’t even graduate yet.  Once I took delivery of the car I took it back to school  so I could finish up my finals and then attend my actual commencement ceremony.
From what I understand there were only 916 yellow Spring Feature Editions made in 2000.    That car garnered attention where ever it went.  I stuck out like a sore thumb as I entered corporate America.  My colleges were all middle-aged men in beige Honda Accords and I (22 years old) rolled up to work in this thing everyday…..it was awesome.  


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