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Craigslist at its finest | Shiny Fast and Loud
Craigslist at its finest

Craigslist at its finest

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So I decided to clear out some of my parts via Craigslist.  I’ve already been able to sell some items including the stock front bumper from my Discovery (so now I can install the TJM winch bumper I picked up this summer).  But Craigslist wouldn’t be Craigslist if the scammers didn’t come calling (or texting in this case).  One of the items I listed is a set of 33 inch tires mounted on 8 lug rims (from my brother’s old F-250) and sure enough the fun ensued.


First thing I do with every text is look up the area code on the internet. As soon as I saw it was from Texas (and I am in Connecticut) I proceeded with caution.


Once the ‘buyer’ graciously offered to send me a cashier’s check half way across the country for a crappy set of wheels I Googled ‘craigslist buyer wants to send me a cashiers check’

scam search


The first hit was a page hosted by Craigslist themselves: https://www.craigslist.org/about/scams



So this is how the rest of the text conversation went:



I haven’t heard back. So please be careful out there and if you are in the market for a set of 33’s on 8 lug alloy wheels please contact me…….and make sure you have cash in hand.





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